Price vs. Lester: Round Two

I promise I’m not going to go start-by-start through this whole season. However, with Price and Lester both starting their respective home openers in two classic old ballparks, this is really too good to pass-up. 

Recall that both pitchers started the first game of their respective teams’ seasons with solid outings and wins, although Lester was the more dominant of the two. 

This time, neither pitcher got a decision. Price lasted only 5 innings, giving up 5 earned runs for a 9.00 ERA for the day.  He walked two and struck out eight. His ERA on the season is 5.73.  The Red Sox lost. 

Lester lasted 6 innings. He gave up 3 earned runs for a 4.50 ERA on the day. He walked two and struck out five. His ERA on the season is now 2.77. The Cubs won. 

We can’t say that pitchers batting in the NL helped Lester today either. Lester had to bat himself and the pitcher he faced went 1-3 at the plate with an RBI. The Orioles’ DH went 0-4, striking out all four times. 

So, two games into the Price era, Lester is the better pitcher. Obviously, this is a minuscule sampling. I remain ok with not re-signing Lester, happy with the Price signing, and looking forward to the Summer. 


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